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Road Safety Week

9 Primary Schools are taking part.  Prior to Road Safety Week the children design Road Safety Posters. Awards for the best Posters in each class from each school are presented on Monday 18th June when there are large displays in the Luxford field provided by the Police, East Sussex Highways, The Red Cross, Waitrose, Sussex Safety Camera Partnership, East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service, a Racing Motor Cyclist, etc.

During the week, the Services visit the schools. On Saturday 23rd is a Road Safety Stall outside the Civic Centre.

At the Festival Big Day Out on 14 July there is a Road Safety Tent in conjunction with the Police and Fire Service.

The event is generously supported by local businesses.

For further information, please contact Cll.r Jim Molesworth-Edwards on 01825 768597 or


Speed Indicator Display

SID (Speed Indicator Display) is operated entirely by volunteers who go out in pairs for a maximum of 2 hours.
It is restricted as to how frequently and for how long it can be out entirely as to when volunteers are available. Between 21 Jan 2006 and 29 Jan 2007 SID has been out a total of 87 times.

SID starts recording Vehicle speeds approximately 150 meters before they get to it, where a large number are recorded exceeding the limit. By the time they pass SID, the average number exceeding the limit is only 2.62%. This shows how effective SID is at slowing the Traffic.

SID is not calibrated and as described is only an indicator of speed, but is designed as an educational tool to make drivers aware of the speed they are travelling, and to encourage them to slow down

SID goes out any days of the week including Sunday. Before Volunteers can take SID out, they have to be trained by an East Sussex County Council Training Officer. Training sessions are held in the Civic Centre in the evening and can be arranged at any time when sufficient numbers are available.

To get SID out much more frequently and for longer periods, a considerable increase in numbers of volunteers is necessary, so can you give 2 hours occasionally to becoming a SID Operator

All enquiries should be made to Cllr. Jim Molesworth-Edwards (SID coordinator Uckfield Town Council) on 01825 768597 or molesedwards@btinternet.com

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