Local Business Spotlight

Today, we are featuring the online business, www.thefitnessrecipes.com. This should be of interest to anyone looking to earn a living or supplement their income online.

TheFitnessRecipes is run by a local Uckfield resident with the goal of providing discount codes, also known as voucher codes, for individuals looking to purchase from online fitness related retailers such as sports nutrition supplements, equipment etc. They provide numerous ways for their visitors to save money through a sign up bonus, referral code or discount code at retailers such as MyVitamins, Gymshark, MyProtein, Maxishop, GoNutrition and more. There are also a number of articles that provide ways and tips for saving money when pursuing your fitness goals such as making your own homemade supplements.

Whilst voucher code sites are numerous the idea for the website was born out of the lack of sites targeting the fitness industry. Living a healthy lifestyle can become quite expensive with gym memberships, equipment costs and larger grocery bills. There wasn’t anyone providing tips on where you could cut corners and where you shouldn’t. Whilst there were a handful of sites providing discount codes specifically for the fitness niche they would often impose small barriers such as requiring a membership card in order to obtain the promo code. This is obviously not very practical since most people only look for a promotional code once they are already at the checkout and are ready to pay.

The website has been slowly growing to make a steady income, but you might be wondering how do these websites make money? The answer is through an affiliate program. Each time you make a purchase after clicking on a website’s affiliate link, the website will earn a commission on the amount you spent on that purchase. Don’t worry though, the cost to the consumer doesn’t change. The amount of commission the website earns varies from retailer to retailer but can be as little as 2% up to as much as 10%. For example if a consumer spends £100 after clicking on an affiliate link, the website could earn as much as £10 commission.

£10 might not sound a lot but if a website is getting 1000s of visitors a day this could very quickly mount up, it’s just a question of how do you get more visitors to your website! That’s the hard part!