What Is Best Value?

Best Value was introduced under the Local Government Act 1999 to ensure that Best Value Councils consistently worked towards continuous improvement.  Best Value Councils were deemed to be those with an expenditure of over £500,000 for a specific period of time.

Best Value introduced a framework called “the Four Cs” to help Best Value Council’s measure their continuous improvement for all of their services, and required each Best Value Council to prepare and publish an annual Best Value Performance Plan (BVPP).

The BVPP is a public document but is primarily  for Uckfield Town Council itself, in order that Members, and officers, can influence and measure improvements in the services that the Council provides.  

It provides the Town Council with an opportunity to articulate its proposals for the continuous improvement for the coming year and should include how weaknesses will be addressed, opportunities seized and better outcomes delivered for local people.

The Council is required to consult on the BVPP each year.  This is achieved by

• Inviting comments from the County and District Councils

• Sending copies to local organisations in the Town

• Providing copies at the Civic Centre and the Library

• Publishing the document on the Town Council’s website

• Posting notices around the Town as to its availability

• Issuing copies to the local press.

The Town Council has undertaken to subject each of its services to a Best Value Review on a rolling programme of reviews, revisiting each service at least every five years.  Each review uses the “Four Cs” framework and ensure that the Council:

• Consults with local residents, users, staff, and a number of other organisations.

• Investigates whether the Council can, or should compete with other service providers.

• Compares expenditure with other authorities both locally and nationally.

• Challenges why and how we provide the services.

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