Horsted Place Hotel Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

The Horsted Place Hotel is celebrating its Pearl anniversary this year after original starting out as a picturesque home. The building was constructed in 1851, set in the countryside, and remains to this day set apart from but relatively close to the busy A26 road outside of Uckfield.

The hotel has in the past accommodated the Queen and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. If you wish to stay in either of those rooms you can ask for either the Windsor Suite or the Edinburgh Room.

Whilst the hotel goes under frequent renovations to both it’s interior and furniture it has always remained in the same style and would still be recognizable from 50 years ago.

Horsted Place was originally built for Francis Barchard who was a London businessman. His legacy lasts till today where his intials and heraldic eagles can be viewed on the staircase within the building. This historic staircase was actually exhibited at The Great Exhibition in 1851.

Their 30th anniversary will be celebrated with an afternoon tea party that will be hosted in the former orangery however if you are hoping to get a ticket you may well be out of luck as most of the tickets have already been sold.

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